About Us


Improvement Associates helps individuals and organizations build capability for ongoing improvement.  We work with leaders and teams to apply management theories, methods and tools based on the science and art of improvement. This includes working to better understand variation, appreciation of a system, how knowledge is created and working with people.



We believe that:

  • Ongoing learning and continuous improvement of quality are vital to accomplishing the objectives of all organizations including industry, government, healthcare and education.
  • Humility and openness are prerequisites for learning and growth.
  • People want to make a meaningful contribution. We focus on understanding the contributions of both the system and the individual.
  • Improvement is everyone’s job. Put everybody in the organization to work to accomplish the transformation.
  • We build and maintain strong relationships with our clients and partners by:
    • Establishing and valuing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships built on trust.
    • Fostering long-term improvement in our clients’ organizations.
    • Building the knowledge of our clients to apply and maintain significant improvements.
    • Ensuring the confidentiality of proprietary information gained by us in the course of our work.
    • Making judicious use of both our clients’ and our own resources.


We contribute to organizations by:

  • Helping organizations combine their subject matter knowledge with Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge. This system includes an appreciation of systems, understanding variation, building knowledge, and working with people.
  • Initiating and leading collaborative efforts within similar organizations or industries.
  • Sharing our knowledge and leadership with the larger community.


We integrate these principles into our own organization:

  • The value we provide is directly related to our shared knowledge. We participate in ongoing development aimed at maximizing our contribution to clients and fostering our pride and satisfaction in work.
  • We are directly involved in leadership and running the business, utilizing the principles and methods we teach others.
  • We consider our business’s return on investment to be a means to fund future activities.